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Generally programmes are of a similar standard to English Non League issues. That of course covers a wide range and this is reflected by the price you will pay. Photocopying is often the norm for the lower sides, although some are printed professionally. Obtaining programmes in Australasia is difficult. At times very difficult. There are no dealers, no programme fairs, no club programme shops. In fact nothing. This situation leads to a slightly higher price than you may pay for something similar in the UK market. Most clubs do not produce programmes and many that do, make no effort to circulate them. The range featured in this Web Site catalogue represents the largest ever put together by an Australian "dealer". The vast majority are for league games although often the programmes will not say so. Also, it is not uncommon for the year or season to be omitted from any part of the programme.


In most cases, programmes are in mint or very good condition. Where this is not the case, I have tried to identify this. The price will also reflect, where applicable, a programme with "faults". Standard codes to describe faults are used.


Payment should be by sterling cheque (or banknotes) as all prices are quoted in British pounds sterling. If it is easier, please leave the cheque blank so that a correct amount may be endorsed by myself should not all your order be available. Where possible, a similar alternative will be offered where your choice is not available unless you specifically state that there are no second choices. Endorse any blank cheque "not to exceed 'X' pounds". As an alternative, buyers will be given the opportunity to credit a sterling bank account which saves everyone time and additional costs. Collectors in other countries may pay in any other major currency banknotes to the equivalent of the pounds sterling price quoted. No coins are accepted. In paying by foreign currency banknotes other than Pounds Sterling and Australian Dollars, you should allow the equivalent of an extra £2.00 to cover bank charges. It should also be noted that no responsibility can be held for non receipt of cash sent through the mail system. (There have been no problems previously with the receipt of cash through the mail.) It is recommended that you use registered mail for sending cash.

Should a more efficient and cost effective payment method be identified, this will be relayed to collectors placing orders.


Orders can be placed in a couple of ways. The easiest way is to e mail me by clicking here:

Order by e mail

and simply placing the order by e mail.

It is important to state when ordering, the following information in your e mail:


I will advise availability and final costs by e mail. (Usually this will occur within a week. Work, [paid employment], often takes me away from home for a few days at a time which may result in delays. However, all orders will be handled in the same order that they are received). Collectors are strongly recommended to advise a second choice in the event that their first choice programme is unavailable. Remember, you will need to add your Postal Address for delivery of programmes ordered.

The alternative method is to send an air mail order to the following address:

The Near Post Down Under
P.O.Box 5155
Alexandra Hills
Queensland 4161

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Postage to the UK and Europe can be expensive. Postage is extra on all programmes and should be added to the cost of the order. Air Mail takes 7 - 10 days. Surface (Sea) Mail no longer exists from Australia due to very low usage of the service. (The cost differential between air and sea mail was minimal anyway).

The prices below are purely indicative air mail costs to Europe. Final costs will be advised when paying for the order.

1 programme £1.65
2-3 programmes £3.00
4-6 programmes £3.90
7-10 programmes £6.00
11-20 programmes £12.00
20-30 programmes £16.50
(Others on application)

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