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All prices are as stated and in Australian Dollars and are exclusive of postage unless stated otherwise. The cost of postage and packaging differs to different parts of Australia. All items in this on line catalogue will be sent by surface mail unless there is a cheaper, faster, alternative method. When an order is received, the poastge costs will be calculated and advised which wil need to be added to the cost of the programmes. Orders from New Zealand will be costed on air mail postage unless a request is received to look into surface mail costs.

N.B. Because of the way postal rates are structured, it is often more economical to split an order and send two or three parcels. Programmes are available on a first come first served basis.

You are encouraged to indicate a second choice in case your first choice is unavailable. If there is no alternative listed, then I reserve the right to provide a similar programme of similar value unless you state that you have no second choice.

In most cases there is only one, maybe two, copies of each programme.

Once an order is confirmed with postage costs, you will be provided with my bank account details for you to credit my account. Once the payment has been credited, send me an email to confirm and once cleared funds are identified on the account, the programmes will be dispatched.

Collectors wishing to pay in foreign currencies should verify first with me before sending any foreign cash (banknotes) that the currency offered is acceptable. Payment in foreign currency cheques is not acceptable due to the high cost in clearing such items through the banking system. The risk of sending cash through the mail rests entirely with the sender. It should be stressed that there have been no problems to date in receiving cash through the mail. A fee of $3 per currency will be added to the total cost to cover bank clearance fees.


In order to give an idea of the condition of the programmes where they may not be in mint condition, the following standard codes are used. (N.B. some flaws are hardly noticeable, therefore do not be put off by things like "vsf,cdvs", as often you will need a magnifying glass to spot the flaw. Bear in mind also that programmes that are 30 years old will attract some worn appearance about them simply because they have been around a long time).

cd/cds/cdvs = cover damaged/c.d.slightly/c.d.very slightly
f/sf/vsf = folded/slightly f./very slightly f.
t/st/vst = torn/slightly t./very slightly t.
d/ds/dvs = damaged/slightly d./very slightly d.
ss/ph/sof = single sheet/pin holes/score on front (or back)
PH/nof/SS = Punch Holes/number on front/Spine Split
wi = writing inside usually other than team changes (covers writing on the front or back cover within reason)
tm/tc/rs/srs/ms = token missing/team changes/rusty staples/slightly r.s./missing staples


E1/E2/E3/I/E = European Cup (and Champions League)/European Cup Winners Cup/UEFA Cup (and Inter Cities Fairs Cup)/Intertoto Cup/Undefined European Competition
FAC/LC/C/wc = FA Cup/English League Cup/Other Cup/Welsh Cup
PO/F = Play Offs/Friendly
WC/EC/OG = World Cup/European Champioships/Olympic Games
SC/SLC = Scottish FA Cup/Scottish League Cup
IC/FAIC = Northern Irish Cup/Rep of Ireland Cup
FAT/AC/FAV = FA Trophy/FA Amateur Cup/FA Vase

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