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Aussie Programmes

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PLUS one programme from Fiji
On-Line Catalogue

Most of the programmes in this online catalogue come from Australia with some from New Zealand, whilst there are also a few from Asia. The site aims to increase the range of programmes available to collectors around the world. However, collectors should be aware that programmes are no where near as ubiquitous as they are in the game in the United Kingdom and Europe in general. The Odd Spot link is now up and running. There will be some particularly interesting items on this page. You will find Rugby Union, Rugby League (State of Origin), Aussie Rules, Netball, Indy 500, Tennis and other sports represented. Not a lot but it is a start.

All programme lists are mainatined in an Excel spreadsheet. This allows collectors to filter the content by home club, away club, season, price etc.

Now that you have had a look at this site, why not tell a friend about it ? This on-line catalogue has now been around since 2002 and although it remains a reasonably well kept secret, there are a few discerning collectors out there who have found the site and in doing so have found programmes to add to their collections.

The price structure is aimed primarily at the collector in the UK (the prices are in pounds sterling), however, this does not stop other collectors from buying through this on-line catalogue. There is a column on each page showing the prices in Australian Dollars for Australian collectors.

Please note that this is not a commercial site. It is purely an extension of my own interest in collecting football programmes.

Owing to circumstances beyond my control, the planned additonal links for other categories have had to be put on hold. As at February 2018 a major drive has been commenced to overhaul and completely update the website and all the contents, a project that will take a while. If you have any enquiries regarding the other categories, please email me direct. I will let you know what I have available.

All categories in the left hand index panel have been updated and include -
Australian Club Programmes
New Zealand Club Programmes
New Zealand Rep Games
Odd Spot.
Australian Rep and Misc Programmes
Various misc items from Australia and New Zealand (and a programme from Fiji)

Items from Asia are still to be added.